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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

SES faithful to its promise of providing top quality, innovative software and with total respect to the shipping industry and its needs, invests heavily in the Quality Assurance of the applications it develops and markets worldwide. To deliver upon its promise SES goes beyond compliance to quality standards pushing its performance and services to higher standards.

The primary objective of SES is to provide products and services of high added value, in order to satisfy the requirements set by SES clients, and at the same time maintain the high level of productivity and innovation which have always followed the name of SES. In order to relize this end, significant investments are made in maintaining a sufficient number of talented professionals and implementing the latest technological tools available.


For SES the issue of quality is translated in they way we think and operate relative to our committments and professional careers. Our adoption of quality without compromise in every step of our operations, safeguards the investments of our clients who rest assured for placing their trust and operational efficiency on the reliability and accuracy of our systems. As a natural result of delivering consistent, high quality products and services SES enjoys global esteem and long lasting relationships with its clients.