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Crew Management


Smartâ„¢ RADICAL INNOVATION Crew Management

The Smartâ„¢ Crew Management represents a comprehensive framework for managing all crew-related information and is an excellent tool for organizing crew particulars and assisting with the ISM Code and STCW compliance. Through full integration of all seamen activities and information the system supports enhanced management and cost control of this very sensitive process. It allows the creation of comprehensive profiles of all seamen, ranging from basic personal details to tracking their assessments, certificates, employment history, etc and can generate information reports per seaman, crew lists per vessel, sign on and sign off, etc.


Main futures include:

  • Seaman information option to search all aspects of the Crew Management database from a single screen. Through dynamic query capabilities a full search in all areas of the seamen information, will return a list of seamen that match the given criteria. The areas that can be searched are: Personal Information, Documents / Diplomas / Certificates, Training / Drills, Sign on / Sign off, Assessments and Incidents.
  • Crew Card option to print a detailed profile of all seamen based on various criteria.
  • Ability to define various Document / Diplomas / Certificates related per seaman and to provide information related to them such as issued and expiration date etc.
  • Crew List (online and report) per vessel.
  • Ability to view the crew list in a tree-view structure, by rank or by name and for any given period.
  • Ability to keep incidents records per seaman and print the reports according to the TMSA requirements - Marine Injury reporting.
  • History of Sea Service reports (sign on - sign off).
  • Ability to define Seaman Groups, for example all Masters or all Seamen of a specific Vessel, etc.
  • Crew evaluation (Assessment reports) for improving human resources management, ensuring crew fitness for responsibilities and compliance with procedures.
  • Ability to define the method of seaman's assessment that best suits the User. For example, assessments could range from 1 to 10, or from A to F, or from excellent performance to poor performance.
  • Projection of seaman requirements and availability of seamen.
  • History of embarkations and disembarkations per seaman.
  • Complete current and historical data on each seaman.
  • Documents / Diplomas / Certificates Required screen allows the definition of the requirements for each vessel.
  • Parametric definition of all parameters, such as:
    • Ranks
    • Specific Functions
    • Documents / Diplomas / Certificates
    • Training / Drills
    • Sign off reason
    • Rating codes
    • Incident types