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The SES-b2b LINK is a Windows-based application, that integrates ship owners' operations with those of their suppliers. The import of "Request for Quotations" received via email and the export with automatic dispatch of "Proposals", enhances the supplier's operations saving valuable time and speeding up the daily work, offering a prompt response to the owner's requests. Most important, it facilitates the owners operations by saving money and resources. Moreover, the system keeps historical data for  further reference and management information.

It comprises the modules:

  • Import "Request for Quotations" from emails.
  • Insert/Update prices and quotation related information.
  • Export "Quotations" with automatic dispatch to owners via email.
  • Historical record keeping.

Main Features include:

  • Download and ready to use Software.
  • Easy installation (Just like any windows product).
  • Latest technology applied.
  • Menu driven.
  • No training is needed.
  • User-friendly design.
  • On line help built in.
  • Linked with SES-OFFICE with automatic communication via email.


  • Complete package that automatically communicates with the owners.
  • Automatic download of emails and import of "Request for Quotations" received from owners.
  • Present all requisitions and items details received including technical specifications.
  • Query all outstanding "Request for quotations" and submitted "Proposals".
  • Ability to insert the prices in Supplier's currency and also Discounts, Forwarding expenses and Delivery information.
  • Creation of emails with "proposals" and dispatch to owners automatically via email.
  • Ability to have predefined texts for insertion into emails, thus speeding up responses to owners.
  • Capability to preview and modify emails prior to dispatching.
  • Preparation of "proposals" manually and dispatch to owners that do not have SES-OFFICE Software.
  • Print out of "Request for Quotations" and "Proposals" for hard copies.
  • Historical data for the "Request for Quotations" received and "Proposals" submitted with all necessary information for evaluation, statistical use and future reference.