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Our 37 years of shipping experience is reflected in our software, designed and developed for users without prior computer experience or training. All SES Software packages do not and will never need specialized instructions and training to be operated.

Our training specialists never assume that the user is an expert but that he is confronted with a computer for the first time. The user-friendly design of our software is so advanced that any user will feel at ease with our systems and eventually with computers in a very short time.

Although we have the appropriate training infrastructure in Greece and other key areas worldwide, we can offer training at the Client's offices as well as on board the vessels. We generally propose a training structure, but the final decision on the programme and its duration rests with the client. The level of  training ranges from a general overview of the system and navigation features, for the benefit of a designated person, to detailed instructions for a ship's superintendent. Moreover, there is a choice for training to be undertaken on all of our systems' modules or just specific ones.