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It has always been the conviction of SES management that every company has its own managerial "style" that needs to be preserved and to accomodate this we have always been open to customisations. Even though we may offer a complete and integrated IT solution for many companies, for those who have their own, individual "modus operandi", our Standard Software can be used as a "driving engine" and upon this platform to proceed to what needs to be modified and/or further developed in order to satisfy their own specific requirements.

Since the initial release of its systems, back in 1989, SES has acquired extensive experience on customisation projects ranging from small to large scale ones and is therefore uniquely geared up to undertake any customisation project, from simple changes to the existing SES packages right through to the development of new, "one-off" Systems / modules, in order to satisfy in full the particular and distinct needs of our clients.

SES is globally acknowledged as possessing unique credentials for substantiating the successful implementation of any Customization project:

  • Almost 37 years of combined maritime experience and computer expertise of its founder and associates.
  • Successful execution of several large scale customisation projects around the world.
  • Quality Assurance Department adhering to rigorous Quality Control procedures, meticulous and extensive software testing prior to delivery, and unrivaled professional flair to successful project execution.